Parkville Sounds

Hartford's premier creative space for musicians

CPTV, in conjunction with Parkville Sounds, takes musicians on a guided tour of Parkville, sharing unique stories of how this area is being revitalized by emerging creative businesses. The Parkville Sessions showcases live music, unique stories of the historic neighborhood, and the artists who use the empty factories to ignite creativity. This is a four-part series of live music performances taking place in this historic neighborhood in Hartford and demonstrating how it is changing the landscape of Parkville.

The Parkville Sessions: where live music meets Hartford history.
Saturday’s at 7PM on CPTV

Episode 1: Wild Adriatic at Hog River Brewing Co.

Episode 2: The Telle at Hartford Denim Co

Episode 3: Erica T. Bryan and The New Mosaic at Little River Restoratives

Episode 4: Funky Dawgz Brass Band at Pine and Iron Axe Throwing