Our new studio at 30 Arbor St in Hartford has multiple practice rooms to choose from. Each room comes with a backline which you can request when booking. Let us know your configuration and we will accommodate to fit your needs.

Directions: When arriving at 30 Arbor St, park behind the building and follow signs to enter our space through the back left hand side. If the door is locked, ring the Arlo doorbell and we will open the door for you.


The Sound Stage

  • 40’x25’ sound treated room

  • perfect for a larger band gearing up for tour

  • comes with a front row seat for important people

  • comes with Behringer X-32 mixer

  • $35 per hour / $350 per day


1477 ROOM

  • 15’x20’ sound treated room

  • perfect for a full band practice (4-8 people)

  • 8am - 4pm (M-F) $15 per hour

  • 4pm - 11pm $20 per hour

  • $200 per day


The Hartford Room

  • 10’x14’ sound treated room

  • perfect for a smaller acoustic band, jazz quartet, solo/duo practice, writing session

  • comes equipped with an upright piano (by request only)

  • 8am - 4pm (M-F) $15 per hour

  • 4pm - 11pm $20 per hour


The Drum Room

(coming soon…)

  • 7’x13’ sound treated room

  • perfect for a drummer looking for a place to shed without worrying about making too much noise

  • drum kit available or space to bring your own

  • $20 per hour


the lesson room

  • 9’x10’ sound treated room

  • perfect for the music teacher looking for a place to teach private lessons or a solo/duo session

  • comes equipped with an upright piano

  • $15 per hour


Terms & Conditions:

When booking your reservation you agree to these terms:

24-Hour Cancellation Policy:
Parkville Sounds enforces a 24 hour cancellation policy for all rehearsals and lessons. In order to reschedule, you must notify Parkville Sounds at contact@parkvillesounds.com as soon as possible to avoid being CHARGED IN FULL by invoice for the missed reservation. Rehearsals or lessons cancelled within less than 24 hours will be charged the full rate for that reservation. We value your patronage and will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

I agree to hold Parkville Sounds harmless and agree to a full unconditional liability waiver for Parkville Sounds and its partners. Parkville Sounds is not responsible for me, my guests or our equipment, or personal property brought into the space. I agree to take full responsibility for the safety and well-being of myself, my guests and our property while at Parkville Sounds. I will notify Parkville Sounds if I expect more than 15 guests during my reservation. I am responsible for all fees accrued during my session at Parkville Sounds. I will settle all open balances. I will keep my contact information with Parkville Sounds current at all times.

I will respect other Parkville Sounds artists and renters. I will not enter a rehearsal space until the start of my reservation and will vacate the space before the end of my reservation. If I make a mess at Parkville Sounds, then I will clean it up. I agree to restore the rehearsal space to the condition (or better!) I found it in before the end of my reservation. I will return furniture and other equipment to where I found it, sweep the floor of any debris and place all trash within designated receptacles. I will turn off the lights, close the doors. I will respect Parkville Sounds rehearsal spaces. I will not damage any equipment, restrooms, hallways, floors, walls, doors at Parkville Sounds. I understand I will be held accountable for any damage to a Parkville Sounds facility and equipment committed by myself or my guests (or my guests of guests!). I will notify Parkville Sounds if I notice any damage to the facility or equipment. Even if it was committed by myself or my guests. The Parkville Sounds team reserves the right to enter the Parkville Sounds space at any time. If the Parkville Sounds team needs to enter a rented space we will try to provide notice and knock prior to entering whenever possible.

We trust our artists to respect each other and the spaces, which means using your reservation for yourself only, and leaving the space looking better than you found it. For questions, email contact@parkvillesounds.com. We look forward to seeing you in the space!